NITTER KIBE(Purified Butter)

Specially prepared butter, infused with exotic flavours of cardamom, kosert. When added to Wot, Alicha or Kitfo, it makes a mouth-watering, pleasan aroma and an exotic flavour for taste.


A flat bread, traditionally baked on clay pans. This is the staple food in Ethiopia. It is cut in bit size pieces with fingers and wrapped around the stews, the meats, the veggies and all the rest flavourful dishes  such as Wot, Alicha, Kitfo Etc


It is a stew, prepared from choices of spicy(hot,mild and regular). The key ingredient, berbere, is red, dry powder spice made of red chilli peppers. This is the spice that give the Wot’s distinct aroma and flavour. Mitimita ¬† has similar ingredients as berbere, but has much more heat than berbere.


A stew that doesn’t have any berbere, but prepared with variety of flavourful spices and herbs